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"The Economics of Biophilic Design":  This program examines the economic argument in favor of biophilic design using case studies from five sectors:  workplaces, healthcare, education, retail and communities.  Research from neuroscience and endocrinology show the crucial role that experiencing nature has for our physiological well-being.  This presentation describes the research involving biophilic design and its impact on human health and productivity.

"Authentically Green Interiors - Optimizing Nature's Design":  Plant based designs and living walls are attracting the attention of building and design professionals everywhere. The benefits of plants indoors include increased, employee productivity, hospital healing rates, tenant and employee retention, and retail sales. Add that to fewer sick days and decreased patient pain medication requirements, and the case for plants indoors is easy to make. Through compelling research citations and beautiful interiorscape photographs, you will understand the science behind these benefits and become an advocate for promoting plants indoors, and the healthy environments they create - naturally.