We are a commercial and residential botanical interior design, installation, rental and maintenance company, based in Boise, Idaho, USA.  Started in 1974 as a retail business, Greens 'N Things has evolved into one of the leading interiorscape companies in the State.  From living walls to large commercial installations, our goal is to improve the nature of your workplace.

Our trained technicians are experts in plant knowledge and care.  Each undergoes an intensive 6 month training program including plant knowledge and health, watering, feeding, shaping, pruning, planting, installation, and design.  

We offer design, sales, installation and care of plants for your business or home.  After consultation and purchase of your plants and containers from Greens 'n Things, we add you to our regular service schedule.  

Plants in the workplace improve productivity

Research shows a marked increase in productivity when plants present, indoors.

Plants reduce fatigue, headache, coughing and eye irritation.

Plants reduce absence due to illness.

Plants reduce stress

Studies show a reduction in employee stress with plants are visible in the workplace.

Plants clean and humidify the air

Botanicals naturally reduce contaminants in the air, including carbon dioxide, dust, and pollutants.